Our main celebration is every Sunday beginning at 10.45am.

We all start together in the main auditorium, before the children and young people go to their groups after around 30 minutes.

New to Church

What will happen?

Our Sunday celebration involves

  • singing,
  • prayers,
  • time hearing about what’s going on
  • a talk (sermon) helping to apply Biblical principles to our everyday lives.

How long will it last?

It starts at 10.45 am and is usually finished by 12.15 pm.

You can relax!

  • A member of the Welcome Team will greet you (green lanyard), help you find a seat and anything you need. Wheelchairs, pushchair – no problem
  • Everything will be announced clearly from the front
  • You can participate as much or as little as you like. Simply sitting quietly and watching it all go by is just fine

Wear what you like. Sit where you like. It’s all good.

Is there an offering?

Yes, but you are not expected to contribute. The offering is for the work of the church and that’s our responsibility. Many church members give directly through standing order. Don’t be embarrassed to pass the collection plate without putting anything in.

Join us afterwards

Please stay afterwards for tea, freshly filtered coffee, tea and soft drinks. We would love to meet you. Team members (green lanyard) will be available on the way out to help.

Sunday Mornings