Our Sunday Celebrations at Burlington are at 10:45am every Sunday. 

We also still have our online celebrations which are currently live streamed at 10:45am on Facebook Live, YouTube and here on our website. 

All our central gatherings are here.

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How long will it last?

Usually around 30 minutes

What is it?

The sermon is a talk based on the Bible to help us apply its teaching to our everyday lives.

What’s the point?

As followers of Jesus we are asking two important question that will help us grow in our lives

 – what is God saying?
 – what am I going to do about it?

There are always people available afterwards if you would like to talk to someone or just to have someone pray with you.

What will it be on?

We usually follow a series. You can find the current series on the Podcasts page.

Check them out!

All our sermons are available online: Podcasts

Sunday Sermon's