In a world where so often things are falling apart, our dream is to be a community that’s coming together .

Burlington Communities

What are they?

Burlington Communities are groups of people – like extended families – seeking to love God (UP), to love one another (IN) and to love the people around them (OUT). They are communities of discipleship & mission.

Some communities are based around a neighbourhood, others are a network (eg people at a similar stage of life) and others are based around meeting a need.

All of them seek to connect with God, each other and everyone around.

Our Communities

We will shortly have specific details of each of our 16 communities here.

In the meantime, here are a few examples:

  • Bridge the Gap is a community of millennials
  • Tiddlywinks in a weekly parent & toddler group (Tuesday mornings)
  • The Hub - a family based community involved in Lego Church
  • Women’s Fellowship is a fortnightly gathering for older ladies (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Lunch Club is a fortnightly meal (small charge) for older friends (Thursday lunchtime)
  • A Time To Sew - a time for people to come along and learn to sew and knit etc, as well as to help others (Wednesday mornings)
  • Elevenses - a community that offers hot food and drinks as well as clothes, sleeping bags etc (Saturdays)
  • Feet 4 The Street - a community offering hot soup and drinks and a friendly ear to listen on a Sunday morning

How can I get involved?

We would love to help get you connected by making some personal introductions. Please contact us.

What are Burlington Communities