Coronavirus update: All Burlington gatherings are SUSPENDED including Sunday Celebrations which will be online only

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We have just written to all church members who don’t have access to the internet. There are a few of our church family who do not have computers or know how to use them so it’s snail mail and phoning for them. As I have packed these letters up containing some of the resources we have put on our webpage I have been praying for each by name. Please join me in praying for our church family especially those who will be very cut off by us not hosting lunch club, women’s fellowship and Sunday celebrations. Drum roll please.. we are thrilled to announce Worship Wednesday! Tomorrow we hope to go live about 7.30pm for some live worship. Don’t miss it! Pop it in your busy diaries now! (And panic not we will remind you again!) Wow how great was it to worship together this morning and what a powerful word from @simonharrisphotos on how to dig deep into God through this time. Head to at for all the pages we mentioned today. On this page you can find our talks from the Prayer simple series, our prayer page with the links to making a prayer space, reading the bible using SOAP page as well as our giving links and soooo much more. Do stay in touch too by engaging on our social media or emailing Important little reminder - tomorrow is indeed Sunday! (Honestly it is!) AND that means our celebration will be here at 10.45am on Facebook live. (Or on our webpage BUT just to make it more complicated the clocks SPRING FORWARD and hour so don’t forget to join us at the right time! (BUT panic note you can wear your PJ’s to church and no one will know!!) swipe across for all the gather details. Today the team have been working hard (remotely) to pull all the bits for Sunday 29th March live stream together. Don’t forget to join us over on Facebook at 10.45am. (Oh and don’t forget the clocks change!!) @burlington_ips Last night many of our community lit candles and prayed for our nation. Tonight once again we are being brought to our knees. Come Lord Jesus. We need you. It’s time to pray for each other! We’d love all Christians to join us in praying for our country at 7pm tonight. We will be joining with many others to light a candle and pray at 7pm. More details on why here
You may find the prayer we used this morning helpful to use at 7pm and also check out our own Webpage for more info Tomorrow we will connect for our first Sunday morning celebration online. As part of that time we will think about how we can pray for our nation and for each other. Head to our new webpage to read about some prayer ideas. This include joining with many other Christians at 7pm tomorrow (Sunday 22nd March) to light a candle and pray. So here we are: Our first weekend …We realise that this weekend will be very different.  We are working hard to provide something that will be meaningful, and connect us together through Worship, Word & Prayer. 
Please join us. 
Please be patient too!  There may be a delay at the start, or things might not work as they did in testing!
Please pray that we will all know that His Spirit is with us (Psalm 139:7). Wherever you are this weekend - geographically, relationally,  emotionally - God is with you.  God is with us. 
Please share (either on social media or by picking up the phone and calling someone!) as well! We’d love as many people as possible to join us. It’s time to shine in the darkness. Head over to to hear more about how you can help connect your neighbourhood together in this time.

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