Media and Resources

Media and Resources

Resourcing Christians

Listen and catchup to our latest series and journal videos from Burlington services and events. Or discover how we can aid you to be a missional disciple wherever God has placed you.


Burlington seeks to be a church who resources Christians to be missional disciples wherever God has placed them. Our Leaders are involved in doing this with our own Burlington Family but also support and encourage Leaders and Christians in Ipswich, across the uk and in various places around the world.

Burlington also holds a vision to turn one of their buildings found on Burlington Road into a community hub that will be a home for the local community and agencies that exist to make our area healthy in body, mind and soul. For more information about our community hub project please click here.

There are a number of tools we use and a few different programmes/opportunities we offer that you can find more information about this.


Wholehearted is a healing ministry of Burlington Church. Jesus lives in us (Ephesians 3:20) and can heal us from the inside out. He is the one who “restores our souls” (Psalm 23:3).


We want to help each one of us learn to hear God speak to us every day from His Word. To do this we are encouraging everyone to follow a daily Bible reading plan and to learn a simple method of journaling that is so effective in helping us hear God speak each day.


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