that’s coming together

In a world where so often things are falling apart, our dream is to be a community that’s coming together.

Burlington is a place to belong, a place to call home, a family. In a world which often feels isolated and alone, we long to be a place where you are known and which feels like a family. Communities are the heart beat of our church. We know one size does not fit all so we have created a number of places that belong that help us all explore and grow in our faith as well as show love to a world that needs to know God’s love.

Burlington Communities

The big and small

Be part of the BIG on a Sunday and the SMALL in the week. We have varied Communities that meet throughout the week. Some are focused on Friendship and Faith, Others will help you do something you love to do whilst providing you with some opportunities to explore how the Christian faith works in our lives today.

All are super welcoming and open to new people to join them. Contact us for more information.

Organisations based in our buildings

How about you?

Our buildings are used by many organisations each week including…

Ipswich Lifelong Learning
Funky Monkeys (Childrens music teaching)
Children’s aerobic dance
Karibu including Homework Club and afterschool club
Karibu afterschool club
NHS (asthma and other clinics)
Bike and walking hub
ICM English lessons
BEAM mother’s support
Ipswich Photography Group
Men’s mental health support
Route to Freedom (support for leaving addiction)
Polling station for local and national elections