Daniel Fast 2020

The Daniel Fast is a method of fasting used by hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout the world. The fast is based on the fasting experiences of the prophet Daniel along with standard Jewish fasting principles.

The Daniel Fast is a partial fast, meaning that some foods are eaten and others are restricted. Please only consider this style of fasting if you are medically well enough too or disordered eating is not an internal challenge for you.

Seek First - 5th Jan 2020

Speaker:Claire Earl & Simon Harris
Reading:Matthew 6:16-34
Sermon Notes:Daniel Fast 2020 i.pdf
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Seek The Kingdom - 12th Jan 2020

Speaker:Claire Earl
Reading:Luke 15:1-24
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The Parable of the Scattered Seeds - 19th Jan 2020

Speaker:Harold Afflu
Reading:Romans 5:1-11
Sermon Notes:Daniel Fast 2020 preach at Burlington Harold Afflu.pdf
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United Daniel Fast Service - 26th Jan 2020

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