Our main celebration is every Sunday beginning at 10.45am.

We all start together in the main auditorium, before the children and young people go to their groups after around 30 minutes.


Can I go with my child?

Yes of course. We need you to see where they are and to sign them in. As soon as your child is settled you are welcome to return to the main celebration

What happens for the children?

After around 30 minutes of singing and news of what’s going on, the children will leave for their groups.
Team members will be on hand to help you find the right group.

What happens if my child is upset?

We will contact you (promise).

What are the groups?

Sparklers is for pre-school children.
Powerhouse is for year R to year 2 children.
Dynamite is for year 3 to year 6 children.

What happens at the end?

Towards the end an announcement will be made when it is time to collect your child. Afterwards can we remind you that the church is a public space (like a park) and your children are then your responsibility.

Child Protection

Burlington has an active Child Protection Policy. For more details please contact the church office.

Children's Groups