Our Sunday Celebrations at Burlington are at 10:45am every Sunday. 

We also still have our online celebrations which are currently live streamed at 10:45am on Facebook Live, YouTube and here on our website. 

All our central gatherings are here.

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Young People

What happens for the young people?

After around 30 minutes of singing and news of what’s going on, the young people in years 7 to 11 will leave for their group.
Team members will be on hand to help direct them to the right place.

What happens at the end?

After their group, the young people will make their way back to the church centre for refreshments and to connect up with those they came with.

What will they do?

The young people study the Bible and discuss a chosen subject each week. Please see here for more about the Youth and what they get up to both on Sundays and during the week.

Child Protection

Burlington has an active Child Protection Policy. For more details please contact the church office.

Young People Groups